Carlos & Mirella


Joao Carlos Santos David was born in Brazil, where he grew up with lots of music and dance. With his love for Argentine Tango, Carlos shares his passion with everyone. He danced in numerous shows including Tango & Passion in Brazil. A large part of his life he spent in Argentina, where he was taught by the great tango masters. In 2008 he started his international career as a dancer and dance teacher on the cruise boats of Costa Cruises which he traveled around the world with. Now his home is in Den Haag (the Netherlands) where he and Mirella live together. They are both nationally and internationally very active, well-known and travel at least once a year to Argentina to perform in shows, but also to train their dancing and take lessons with other famous dancers. "As a dancer, you never stop learning!"

Mirella Ramona Santos David has been dancing since she was 10 years old. She began her passion with ballet and street dance classes in her hometown. When she knew she wanted to become a professional dancer, she auditioned for the Albeda Dance College in Rotterdam, where she was accepted. With passion and dedication she began her training. After four years of training in various dance styles such as ballet, modern, jazz, afro, urban pop and more, she graduated in 2011 and began her career as a dancer. She danced in movies, dinner shows, as a background dancer for various artists, major events and more. Now she has fully focused on dancing Argentine Tango with her husband and dance partner Carlos.

Dancers for Andrea Bocelli in Concert in Belgium 2018
1st place: Official European Tango Championship 2017
Finalists: Mundial de Tango 2017 in Buenos Aires
1st place: UK London Tango Championship 2017
1st Place: German Tango Championship ‘Tango de Pista’ 2016F
Finalists: Mundial de Tango 2016 in Buenos Aires
Jury for: Tango Championship Moscow, Russia 2016
2nd Place: TV show ‘Everybody Dance Now’ RTL 4 in 2015

Carlos & Mirella - © Federico Paleo
© Federico Paleo
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